An in-depth audit of your organisation’s externally facing IPv6 network. Identify vulnerabilities and flaws in your network before they can be exploited by attackers.

Validate Assessment

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Attackers are always looking for new ways to target organisations. IPv6 creates a new surface area that adds potential attack vectors into your digital footprint, these could be leveraged by attackers. Our Validate assessment builds upon Visualise and utilises the same tools, techniques and procedures that real world attackers do, to evaluate an organisation's external IPv6 attack surface area. Arkenox's Validate assessment is adapted on a per engagement basis - because we understand all networks are different - providing organisations with the means to create a more robust and resilient IPv6 security posture.

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Validate Assessment

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IPv6 offers organisations numerous security benefits, but the associated attack vectors that can be introduced into an organisation’s external infrastructure should be validated and evaluated. Attackers are well aware of the opportunities presented by insecurely configured IPv6 networks, with publicly available attack toolkits already in existence.

Assessing external IPv6 networks against the tools, techniques and procedures utilised by attackers, is essential coverage for organisations to stay one step ahead of their cyber threats. IPv6’s operation introduces novel attack vectors unlike those we have seen previously in digital networks. Arkenox’s Validate assessment tests for these vulnerabilities and provides remediation advice that allows organisations to create a more robust and resilient IPv6 security posture.

Each Validate assessment is bespoke in nature but utilises a set of benchmarks as a guide. Every organisation’s network and business goals are unique, so network security audits should also reflect this. The Validate assessment aims to determine the presence of any vulnerabilities and does not aim to directly exploit and disrupt services.

Validate Assessment Findings

Bespoke reporting
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Each Assessment is Unique and Guided by the Following:

Firewall IPv6 Rule Tests

Extension Header Tests

Exposed Service Testing

Comparison to Best Practices

Attack Scenario and Chain Mapping

Other Services

Validate is designed to be an in-depth security audit of your externally facing IPv6 network. Testing your infrastructure against the tools, techniques and procedures utilised by attackers. Our other services also provide insight into your externally facing IPv6 networks and for those organisations who do not require an active audit. 


Outlines the external IPv6 footprint of an organisation via passive methods and threat intelligence. Designed to report your current IPv6 status and the actions required to ensure that future development is secure and scalable.


Actively discovers an organisation’s external IPv6 network through probing powered by AI and analyst expertise. You can’t protect what you cannot see,  observe how your network is connected so that it can be protected.

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We’re also happy to help with any queries about the above services, or on any aspect of IPv6 cybersecurity, risk or consulting.

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