Actively discover your organisation’s externally facing IPv6 network through probing powered by AI and analyst expertise.

Visualise Assessment

Core Features

Seeing what changes are being made to your IPv6 network can be difficult, legacy security tooling is designed to work with IPv4 only and cannot scale to meet your IPv6 security or monitoring requirements. Our Visualise assessment is built with innovative AI algorithms and utilises strategies from IPv6 reconnaissance techniques to map out your external IPv6 network topology, providing you the ability to spot vulnerability in your IPv6 networks.

Network Topology

Network Flows &

Detect IPv6


Visualise Assessment

You can't protect
what you cannot see.


Actively discovering digital networks from multiple external view points is an insight required by organisations to ensure that their networks are configured correctly and securely. Assessment of IPv4 networks is commonplace, but IPv6 networks pose a new challenge due to their scale and often dynamic nature. 

Our Visualise assessment actively discovers your externally facing IPv6 applications, assets and networks. Uncovering your network topology so that you can understand your true network structure and how traffic flows through your network.  

With this insight, you can see whether your IPv6 deployment is progressing as planned and whether there are any network conditions that could be leveraged by attackers to exploit gaps in your defences.

Visualise Assessment Findings

The ability to see

External IPv6 Network Topology Map

IPv6 Available Device & Service Enumeration

DNS and ICMPv6 Support

Detection of Non-Best Practice Configurations

Detection of Firewall Rules and Policies

Findings Provided in Any Format such as csv, stix, json.

Other Services

Visualise is designed to give you a detailed view of your external IPv6 network topology and how your network is configured, by using dynamic probing algorithms and reconnaissance strategies similar to those an attacker would use. Our other services provide varying levels of insight into your externally facing IPv6 networks, whether you require an outline of your IPv6 footprint or a full IPv6 audit our services can provide for you. 


Outlines the external IPv6 footprint of an organisation via passive methods and threat intelligence. Designed to report your current IPv6 status and the actions required to ensure that future development is secure and scalable.


Build upon the findings of Verify and Visualise, by conducting an in-depth bespoke audit of your external IPv6 network. Identify vulnerabilities, action remediations and tackle issues before they can be exploited by attackers.  

Ready to Discover Your IPv6 Networks?

We’re also happy to help with any queries about the above services, or on any aspect of IPv6 cybersecurity, risk or consulting.

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